Tabac Semi Gloss Black

Available Sizes:
17x80, 18x8.50, 18x9.50, 19x8.50, 19x9.50, 20x100, 20x8.50

Circuit de Monaco is regarded as one of the best street circuits in history. With its elevation changes and extremely tight corners, the Monaco Grand Prix remains one of the most important races on the F1 calendar. The design and engineering team at TSW has traditionally drawn inspiration from race circuits to bring new wheel styles to our collection. For 2020, TSW is proud to introduce the Tabac. The Tabac is named after Virage du Tabac; turn 12 of the Monaco race circuit. The TSW Tabac features a performance oriented split 5-spoke design with an undulating surface inset to accent the aggressive spoke styling. A deep concave profile further emphasizes the Tabac’s open spoke design. Standard finish for the Tabac is Semi Gloss Black.